CD Stone Coating System


CD Stone Coating System

CD Stone Stone Coating is a range of stone effect paints available in 5 intermixable shades. Use them to create stunning stone effect features in your home with a decorative, hardwearing and weatherproof finish. Available in 1 litre to 20 litres.

Stone Coating is a water based stone effect paint formulated to give the look feel and quality of natural stone.

  • made from real ground stone
  • quick and easy to apply
  • hard wearing and weather resistant
  • ethical compound – harmless to plants and animals

Windowsills & Lintels

Transform the appearance of your house

Rejuvenate exising stone windowsills and lintels or create a new stone effect


  • wood & wood finishes
  • MDF
  • plaster
  • brickwork
  • existing stone 
  • concrete 
  • tiles
  • polystyrene
  • ceramics
  • marble


Coverage varies by colour and application.

Base Coat Primer: 6 m2/litre (approx)

Stone Coating: 2.5 m2/litre (approx)


Drying time varies by application and ventilation conditions.

Base Coat Primer: allow 2 hours to dry before applying Turn to Stone Coating.

Stone Coating: allow 2 hours between coats.