About Us

About Us

At CD Stone we offer a comprehensive range of Cast Stone products either ex-stock or bespoke.

From our yard in Bury CD Stone stock the largest  range of Forticrete Heads, Cills, Quoins, Stick on Quoins, Bullseyes, Corbels, Gable Vents, Datestones, Copings, Pier Caps & Spheres in the North West and available through your local Builders Merchants.

Cast Stone
Forticrete’s range of Cast Stone is a perfect example of advanced technology and time honoured craftsmanship working together in perfect harmony. The result is a wide range of Cast Stone products using a semi-dry or wet format, of unrivalled quality with no compromise to aesthetic appeal. After demoulding, each product is hand finished by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques.

This measure of craftsmanship ensures that each product has an authentic appearance and the sophistication of the manufacturing processes creates a product with all the weathering characteristics, durability and structural integrity of natural stone. Together they make an affordable alternative to natural stone dressings

Stooled cills are built in at the time of construction. They should be bedded under the stooling only at the time of installation with an inert packer in the centre.The cill should be solidly pointed as the scaffold is taken down upon completion of the construction.

Cills are manufactured in accordance with BS 5642. Cills of greater length than those shown in the tables are available and are made in more than one piece

Mortar used for the installation of Cast Stone Dressings should not be stronger than Designation III (1:1:5/6).

CD Stone offer a large range of Copings, Pier Caps & Finials in a variety of sizes and colours and finishes to meet everyone’s tastes

At CD Stone we can now offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of Cast Stone Balustrades from the standard CD Stone & Forticrete ranges to the superior quality of the Richmond range, enabling us to supply to your specific requirements. Available in various colours, styles and sizes.

Cast Stone is a natural product and as such is succeptable to slight variances in colour

Common to all cementitious based products,there is a possibility of efflorescence.This is a temporary phenomenon which may cause a degree of lightening to the colour of the stone but it will not impair its performance in respect to its durability or strength. In due course,when subjected to normal weathering,the efflorescence will diminish and eventually disappear completely. Adequate protection during construction will minimise this effect

Structural Properties
All cast stone units are decorative and are not designed to be load bearing.The structural stability of all units in their finished state should be approved by the structural engineer carrying out the overall design for the project. Wind loading on large window features, sections of stonework, supporting lintels and fixings to cast stone units should also be considered early in the design process. Site operatives must be made aware of the need to support and protect all cast stone units in their temporary state to negate the risk of any load being implied upon them whilst construction is taking place e.g. window heads.

When installing stooled cills they should be placed on mortar dabs under the stools and pointed up later.